Alberta minister says 25-year-old daughter was attacked in downtown Calgary

Rajan Sawhney, Alberta’s minister of community and social services, says her 25-year old daughter was attacked in an incident of hate-fuelled violence in downtown Calgary earlier today. 

The alleged attack happened near Stephen Avenue, close to Sawhney’s daughter’s office. 

In a tweet, Sawhney said her daughter was grabbed, pushed, sworn at and chased down the sidewalk. She said that her daughter was not hurt, but that they are both shaken.

“I am outraged, saddened and disgusted at the same time, as I have been with every single attack on racialized women that has occurred in recent months,” said Sawhney on Twitter.

There have been multiple attacks on racialized women in Alberta over the past year.

On Wednesday, a man with a knife attacked and yelled racial slurs at two women wearing hijabs in St. Albert, Alta.

Earlier this month, a Somali Canadian woman wearing a hijab was grabbed by the neck and pushed to the sidewalk in Edmonton.

In February, a Black Muslim woman was threatened with physical violence at an LRT station in Edmonton.

Sawhney said the attack on her daughter has left her “more motivated than ever” to ensure that all women can walk in public without fear of being attacked.

“A whole of society response is required,” her tweet reads.

“If we don’t speak up for those who are oppressed, often, we will be next.”

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