Alberta’s gas price spike could sour some summer road trips

CALGARY — Now that COVID-19 restrictions are mostly behind us, many Albertans are hitting the road to enjoy their summer, but one organization says drivers will need to cough up more money to fill up.

Canadians for Affordable Energy says a 10-cent per litre hike will happen in the next few days, partly because of a refinery issue in Edmonton.

So far, the average price for a litre of gas in Alberta is sitting at about $1.32 per litre, but that price is expected to increase.

At some stations in Lethbridge, drivers are seeing prices of approximately $1.42 per litre.

While it may take a bit of searching to find cheaper prices, some say the increased price of gas is “atrocious.”

“With everything going on, with COVID and people struggling right now, this is just another jab at us all,” says one Lethbridge woman.

“It’s frustrating,” says another. “I like to see oil go on a run – I think it’s good for the province – but seeing a shock like that, where you’re not seeing that big of a justification in oil prices, it’s a little disconcerting.”

One man says the pricey gas is both good and bad.

“The good side is we’ve got more taxes going into the provincial coffers but it takes a little bit out of the pocketbook as well.”

Some experts say the prices aren’t expected to come down for some time.

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Last year at this time, the average price for a litre of gas was approximately 97 cents.

The most expensive gas in Canada is in B.C., where drivers pay more than $1.60.

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