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Blue What City? Alberta premier says nothing wrong with old Calgary slogan

It may be her party’s colour, but Alberta Premier Danielle Smith says she isn’t satisfied with a recent decision to swap Calgary’s city slogan to something bigger and broader.

On Thursday, officials announced that after two years of work, Calgary would be ditching its old slogan for ‘Blue Sky City,’ drawing on the city’s abundant sunshine and position as a place of “blue-sky thinking and innovation.”

After the announcement, Smith was asked her opinion about the new slogan and said she didn’t feel like it needed to be changed.

“I personally like ‘Be Part of the Energy,'” Smith said during a media conference in Edmonton on Thursday.

“I thought it was really clever because not only is it a reference to the energy sector, but it also conveys the vibrancy of the city of Calgary and you must remember, energy in all of its forms are needed to fuel everything.”

Calgary Economic Development, in its announcement, said the city was due for a refreshed brand that better represents all the businesses and people that call the city home.

“I just don’t know (about) ‘Blue Sky City’ – that could be anywhere,” Smith said.

“‘Be Part of the Energy’ – that actually says something about the character and nature of Calgary.”

Smith says she even uses the slogan when she’s abroad.

“I love the fact that I can go around the world and talk about the fact that we are an energy superpower,” she said.

“I don’t see it as impairing the ability of Alberta to attract people.”

A logo for ‘Blue Sky City’ is expected to be unveiled in the next few months.

(With files from Jordan Kanygin)

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