Calgary Black Film Festival, supported by Global Calgary & 770 CHQR

The Calgary Black Film Festival (CBFF) aims to connect authentic Black stories with viewers of all colours and ethnic origins in Alberta, the province that holds Canada’s third-largest Black population after Ontario and Quebec.

Created by the Fabienne Colas Foundation, the inaugural Calgary Black Film Festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women; the Calgary Arts Development and the Calgary Economic Development.

“We are beyond excited and humbled to be launching the Calgary Black Film Festival. CBFF, is more than just about films, it’s a movement! At this pivotal moment in our history, it is vital for us to spread our message of inclusion and diversity off and on camera from coast to coast,” Fabienne Colas said.

”The people of Calgary have really stepped up as a BLM ally and have shown tremendous support towards their Black communities. As such, we are seizing on this opportunity to help bring even more awareness through concrete actions.”

About the Calgary Black Film Festival

The Calgary Black Film Festival (CBFF), a not-for-profit organization created by the Fabienne Colas Foundation, is about discovery and Inclusion. CBFF wants to amplify more Black voices and showcase the most relevant Black films from here and abroad while creating a space to debate major cultural, social, and socio-economic issues. The Calgary Black Film Festival is dedicated to giving unique voices in cinema the opportunity to present audiences with new ways of looking at the world. CBFF’s ambition is to encourage the development of the independent film industry and to promote more films on the reality of Black people from around the Globe.

About the Fabienne Colas Foundation

The Fabienne Colas Foundation is Canada’s largest Black cultural organization. Created in 2005, the FCF is a not-for-profit artistic organization dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in Cinema, Art and Culture in Canada and abroad. Along with Zaza production, the Fabienne Colas Foundation is also the creator of 11 Festivals the highly successful Montreal Black Film Festival, the hugely popular Toronto Black Film Festival, the Halifax Black Film Festival as well as the several other successful Festivals in Canada, the USA, Haiti and Brazil. These initiatives/festivals have showcased and supported over 3,000 artists and attracted over 2 million festivalgoers. The Foundation is also the creator of the FCF’s Being Black in Canada program, Canada’s largest incubator dedicated to Black Filmmakers.

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