Calgary catholic school moves all students to online learning after 2 cases of COVID-19

CALGARY — A Calgary Catholic school has moved all of its classes online after two COVID-19 cases were confirmed among the school population.

Madeleine d’Houet School in northwest Calgary notified parents Friday afternoon that the school will be moving to online learning for the next two weeks.

The school board says two COVID-19 cases were detected last week and because of the isolation requirements for staff who have come into contact with a confirmed case, there aren’t enough teachers.

“As you are aware, we have had two COVD-19 cases in our school over the past two days, which has greatly impacted our teaching staff due to isolation requirements,” said principal Martine Claeys in a statement.

The school will start online learning on Feb. 8, and because of the teacher’s convention and Family Day, the students were already not expected to be in school for three days during those two weeks.

In-class learning will resume on Feb. 22.

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