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Calgary man who killed abusive father should be eligible for parole in 10 years, says defence

A Calgary man who killed his abusive father “because he saw no way out” should be handed the minimum parole ineligibility period, his lawyer argued Wednesday.

Vincent Fong, 41, has diagnoses of autism, obsessive compulsive disorder and an intellectual disability.

Vincent fatally stabbed his father Kwan Fong, 70, in January 2019.

Defence lawyers Katherin Beyak and Curtis Mennie had asked the jury to return a manslaughter verdict, arguing their client’s disabilities coupled with the abuse meant he could not form the required intent for murder.

But jurors found Vincent guilty of second-degree murder. 

At Vincent’s sentencing hearing Wednesday, Beyak told the judge her client felt powerless to escape his abusive situation and argued he should be able to apply for parole after the minimum 10-year parole ineligibility period. 

Prosecutor Margot Engley asked Justice Paul Jeffery to impose a 12-year parole ineligibility period.

“There was a wife here that lost her husband, there was a daughter who lost her father,” said Engley. 

“There should be a recognition of that significant loss.”

Abuse detailed

During the trial, court heard evidence that Vincent’s father did not accept his son’s neurological disorders. Kwan appeared to believe he could discipline his son to get rid of the behaviours — spinning, touching and licking things.

Kwan was known to slap Vincent, yell at him and call him names, including one derogatory Chinese word that was particularly harmful to Vincent.

The Crown pointed out that Vincent has not displayed remorse, but Beyak noted: “It’s difficult to feel remorseful for something you feel like you had to do.”

Jeffrey reserved his decision to a later date. 

Regardless of parole eligibility, Vincent will serve his sentence at the Regional Psychiatric Centre in Saskatoon.

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