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Calgary police seeking to identify suspect in hate-motivated incident in city’s southwest

Calgary police are seeking to identify a man after a hate-motivated incident occurred in the southwest community of Southwood on Friday.

At about 1:15 p.m., a man began honking at a woman from a parked vehicle. The woman was crossing the parking lot of Southwood Centre, located at 10233 Elbow Drive S.W., according to a police statement sent Saturday.

The man then left the vehicle and rushed toward the woman, “aggressively gesturing” and making punching motions in front of the woman’s face.

He verbally threatened to kill the woman because of what he assumed to be her religion, police say.

The victim was able to get to her vehicle and return home, where she reported the incident to police.

The male suspect is described as being about 60 years old, with a heavy build and bald head. Police say he was wearing a checked blue shirt, black pants and shoes, and brown sunglasses at the time of the assault.

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