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Controversial Canmore developments go before town council Tuesday

Canmore town council will vote again Tuesday on two controversial developments on the city’s eastern edge.

Council had previously voted down the projects in 2021, but Alberta Court of Appeal dismissed the town’s appeal of the Land of Property Rights Tribunal decision.

The Three Sisters Mountain Village and Smith Creek projects would add 10,000 housing units and 15,000 people to the area, essentially doubling Canmore’s population.

Some people opposed to the projects rallied outside of the developer’s house on Sunday in Calgary.

They worry the projects will ruin a critical wildlife corridor and negatively affect the environment.

“This is a 30-year issue that’s been going on in our community,” said Zac Mills, vice-president of Bow Valley Engage. “Recently there was a court decision that revoked the rights of our town council, who voted to reject this, but they are being forced to accept it.

“(It’s) a proposal that none of the community really wants,” he added. “That’s way too big, that doubles the size of our community and brings with it a host of environmental and wildlife and affordable challenges.”

At a special meeting on Tuesday, council will vote on the two developments and a municipal development plan amendment.

However, because of the appeal decision, Canmore may be required approve the projects in order to create bylaws for them.

According to the meeting agenda, council must adopt the plans submitted in 2021.

“Any interest in further action, despite the mandamus agreement, is a non-starter as the dismissal decision clearly leaves the town with no reasonable prospect of obtaining leave to appeal the Court of Appeal decisions to the Supreme Court of Canada,” states the agenda.

The special meeting begins at 1 p.m.

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