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Crown stays bail violation charge for Tamara Lich

Crown prosecutors are staying the bail-related charge for a key organizer of what became the Freedom Convoy because of delays in her criminal trial. 

Currently on trial for mischief, obstructing police, counselling others to commit mischief, and intimidation, Tamara Lich had also been accused of breaching her bail conditions.

Lich was re-arrested in June after allegedly being in touch with another protest organizer, Tom Marazzo, at an awards gala in Toronto where she was being honoured.

Marazzo, who was never charged by police for his role in the protests, helped organize the Freedom Convoy during its time in Ottawa and, at times, appeared as an official spokesperson for demonstrators during the weeks-long event that ended in a major police action to clear the streets. 

Lich was taken into custody in Medicine Hat, Alta., on June 27 after Ottawa police issued a Canada-wide warrant for her arrest. 

She was not allowed to contact Marazzo and others involved in the protest without lawyers present as part of the conditions attached to her original charges stemming from her role in organizing the convoy. 

But she was released with new conditions about a month later and given new bail conditions, including a $37,000 bond and tightened rules around communicating with protest organizers and using social media. 

During a brief court appearance Monday, Crown prosecutors announced they were staying the bail-related charge against Lich.

A charge being stayed means the issue of guilt versus innocence doesn’t get settled.

The move was expected because Lich’s other court matters are dragging behind schedule.

By staying her bail violation, Crown prosecutors told the court that dates “could be repurposed for the substantive trial.”

Currently on a short break, her criminal trial has been delayed over several issues and Crown prosecutors have taken twice the amount of time they initially expected to make their case against Lich and Chris Barber, another organizer who is a co-accused. 

Lich and Barber’s trial is expected to continue this week.

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