Gifts delivered to the wrong house

CALGARY — Two wrapped presents, a tin of candy and a card addressed to people she has never heard of ended up at Jasmine Qureshi’s front door January 1 packed inside a grocery bag. The gifts have hand-written labels ‘to Destiny from Grandma and Grandpa’. The card says ‘to Destiny Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year’.

Memo to Destiny’s grandma and grandpa: Destiny didn’t get your presents. Qureshi is more than happy to pass them along if someone could just tell her where to pass them along to.

“I don’t know the names of the people that lived here prior to me 11 years ago,” said Qureshi. “But I think that there was only adult children at that point too so I don’t think that this was meant for this house.”

Qureshi lives on Sierra Morena Road, S.W. It’s a busy street and she says the homes do look similar so after receiving the mystery gift, she set out going door to door searching for Destiny’s place.

“I did manage to get almost everyone on the street to come to the door when I went knocking,” said Qureshi. “Either that or I asked them if anyone on either side of them had kids or knew of these people and no luck there, I even tried on the other side of the boulevard and I didn’t have any luck.”

Qureshi isn’t on social media and admits that’s likely hampering her efforts to locate Destiny but she has friends who can post about the find for her. She has also put an add onto the Nextdoor Neighbourhood app to no avail.

“I know that there’s no Xboxes, there’s no gaming consoles here so I don’t think that it’s overly expensive gifts but I think that the grandchild should get her gifts,” said Qureshi.

Qureshi has put up notes throughout her neighbourhood. She isn’t giving up on her search for Destiny and is hopeful someone comes forward.

“It doesn’t look like anything is perishable so I though maybe I’d tuck it into the corner and just wait and see if maybe someday someone turns up,” said Qureshi. “Five years from now if nothing comes up then I guess I’ve got some candy to open anyway, I don’t know.”

Qureshi has questions that only the grand parents can answer about the presents. Send email inquiries to CTV Calgary via the news tip link.

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