Greatest (pet) Of All Time? Goat ‘Tom’ up for adoption in Calgary

It’s not commonly the type of adorable adoptable the Calgary Humane Society has available, but the organization has a goat they’re hoping to find a home for.

Officials say Tom is a “sweet baby goat” looking for a family.

“He will grow up to be a big boy… maybe even 77 kilograms (170 pounds),” said the humane society in a Facebook post.

Tom will need lots of room to run and play, warns the humane society.

“Goats are known as browsers meaning they love to eat trees and shrubs. They will eat bark, leaves and branches so having a fenced off goat area with plenty of shade for summer, a shelter for the winter and fresh water is a must.”

He will also, ideally, like to have other goats to play with.

“Goats can be very rough when getting to know each other, so slow introductions are needed,” the post reads.

Tom is currently with a foster family awaiting adoption.

If you’re interested, you can visit the Calgary Humane Society’s website for more information.

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