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Hundreds participate in Bum Run in northwest Calgary to raise money for colon cancer

More than 300 Calgarians laced up to run five kilometres to raise money and awareness for colon cancer Saturday.

This is the third year for the Bum Run in Calgary which started at the Foothills Hospital and continued through the University District in northwest Calgary.

The event was founded 13 years ago by Dr. Ian Bookman, a gastroenterologist in Toronto, who wanted to raise awareness and encourage early screenings.

Colon cancer affects 1 in 16 Canadians so organizers say early screening is important.

“We’re trying to raise awareness for people to get screened for colon cancer, colon cancer is treatable and beatable,” says Cathie Jackson, Bum Run’s director of operations.

“It’s very important to get screened for colon cancer and that’s exactly what you’re hoping to raise awareness about.”

Anyone over 50 needs to have regular screening, but people with a family history of colon cancer, who have been diagnosed with polyps, or who have inflammatory bowel disease are at increased risk.

Money raised through the Bum Run will help increase awareness of how common colon cancer is today and increase participation in screening programs to prevent colon cancer.

Organizers in Calgary are hoping to raise $34,000 this year.

However the national goal is $300,000 with runs also taking place in Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax.

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