‘I can’t believe they’re in kindergarten:’ Alberta’s Webb quadruplets start school

Bethani Webb still can’t believe the time has come.

All four of her children are off to school — all at once.

The Webb identical quadruplets, from Hythe, Alta., will start their first official day of kindergarten on Sept. 9.

“I can’t believe they’re already in kindergarten,” said Webb. “It seems crazy. It seems like I just brought them home yesterday and now they’re five years old and off to kindergarten starting school.

“It’s like blink and you miss it.”

The four girls, who were conceived naturally, turned five on May 6, 2021.

The Webb quadruplets from left to right: Abby, Grace, Emily & McKayla. Noelle Mirabella Photography

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They are excited to start school and will be attending two full days a week, with an occasional class on Friday.

Needless to say, getting prepared for the send-off has been a lot of work.

“It’s a little hectic having to buy four of everything and they’re so excited for school they don’t want to go to bed,” said Webb.

“When it comes to buying shoes and backpacks they all want something different, and they all want to choose their own thing and then they get into fights because one wants this and one wants that one.”

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Attending a small town school means the sisters will be seeing a lot of each other.

“I know they went to preschool last year,” said Webb, “and they made up like half the class, over half the class.

“I think they’ll get a little nervous next year if they get split up and they won’t have every single one of their sisters with them.”


The Webb quadruplets at home in Hythe, Alta. Facebook/Webb Quadruplets Update


The Webb quadruplets in July, 2021. Facebook/Webb Quadruplets Update


The Webb quadruplets playing in their photoshoot. Noelle Mirabella Photography

Each of the girls has a distinct personality.

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Webb said McKayla, the youngest of the four, loves to colour and draw.

“She loves everything to do with art.”

Abigail (Abby) loves to be surrounded by books.

“She’s definitely a reader,” said Webb.

Emily is quieter and shyer than her sisters.

“I think she’ll probably be a little more shy when meeting friends.”

Grace is the opposite.

“Grace is the goofy one,” laughed Webb. “She’s got a wicked sense of humour.”

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While the girls are the best of friends, sibling rivalries are now part of the norm.

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“They’ll find a hair bow and then their sister will choose a different one and then suddenly they want that one. It’s constant.

“They do fight a lot, so I’m a little worried that they might start fighting in school, that’s like my only worry.”

There is one other worry — how Webb herself will spend her time once her daughters are in school.

“They’re going to be gone all day, three days a week and I’m going to be in the house by myself. It’s definitely going to be something to adjust to.”

The girls’ father, Tim Webb, has always worked away from the home and told Global News, “going to work is a break.”

As the four girls grow up and become more independent, mom Bethani Webb said knowing her daughters have an unbreakable bond has helped calm the first day of school jitters.

“It’s always reassuring know that, you know, they do have each other and they will have each others’ backs and they will be friends with each other.”

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