Need a boost? That will be 37 hours in Calgary


With temperatures plunging in Calgary, wait times for a battery boost or tow from the Alberta Motor Association have skyrocketed.

Shortly after noon Monday, with the wind chill still stuck at -43, the wait time for a tow or winch was 50 hours, while the wait time for a battery boost was 37 hours, 20 minutes.

To have a key replaced, the wait was approximately six hours.

According to the AMA website, during extreme cold snaps the organization receives a call for help every 40 seconds.

The service lists some tips to reduce your chances of needing assistance, such as plugging in your vehicle when temperatures drop below -15C, using winter tires and ensuring they are properly inflated, switching to synthetic oil during the winter months, and ensuring your gas tank is at least half full.

Up-to-date wait times for AMA services can be found online.

With files from CTV Edmonton

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