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Pronger brothers team up to make award-winning whisky

Chris Pronger and his brother Sean are used to signing autographs from their days in the NHL, but on Monday, they were at Willow Park Wines and Spirits signing bottles of Canadian whisky.

The brothers have started their own brand called JRNY (Journey).

Chris, who played for Hartford, St. Louis, Edmonton, Anaheim and Philadelphia was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2015.

He says he and Sean had a lot of input in the making of JRNY.

“Well, I’m a long-time whisky drinker and a fan of the product. I think we’ve done a lot of research and development on it,” Chris said.

“You know, Sean and I have been talking and we were presented this opportunity with our partner Niagra Falls (Craft) Distillery in creating our own authentic Canadian brand.”

On the same team

During their days in the NHL, the Pronger brothers never played on the same team.

Sean says that’s what makes this journey so special, even though he lives in California and Chris lives in St. Louis they’re doing it together.

“I can keep up with Chris on this rink,” laughed Sean.

“It’s been fun. We talk a minimum of three to four days a week and sometimes every day and it’s kind of fun to have a business that we’re both working on.”

Award-winning whisky

JRNY is getting rave reviews – It’s an award-winning Canadian whisky.

Chris says all of the hard work is paying off.

“It made us feel really good about what we think the consumer is going to like. It’s award-winning branding and liquid and we’re excited about the opportunity this will provide us and, as I said, getting people to try it and make it their preferred whisky,” he said.

And if you’re wondering why they called it JRNY, Sean explains it best.

“I would say the tagline kind of sums it up. Celebrate your victories, be proud of your scars and enjoy the journey,” Sean said.

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