‘Recovery is possible’: Alberta government doubles number of addiction treatment beds

In 2019, the UCP government said it would establish 4,000 treatment spaces for Albertans suffering from addictions.

Now, two years later, Premier Jason Kenney says the government is doing even more.

He made the announcement at the Fresh Start Recovery Centre in Calgary, alongside Associate Minister of Mental Health and Addictions Mike Ellis.

“Our government made a commitment to fund 4,000 annual treatment spaces. Not only have we achieved our goal, we have more than doubled our commitment by funding over 8,000 annual treatment spaces,” Kenney said in a release.

“Treatment works and recovery is possible. This is a key promise made, promise kept.”

All of the addiction treatment available through the province is free for Albertans to access.

Support provided at residential recovery facilities includes improving physical and mental health, fostering connections between family and community, building employment skills, ensuring housing stability and more.

New software, called My Recovery Plan, is also being provided to operators of treatment centres. Officials say this tool will help “fix the broken system.”

“We have heard for years that the addiction care system is broken. When we came into office, Albertans were having to decide between selling their car and remortgaging their home to access life-saving treatment and recovery services. This was completely unacceptable,” said Mike Ellis, Alberta’s associate minister of mental health and addictions in a statement.

One of the advantages of the new system is that clients can transfer their data and treatment history along with them from agency to agency so care can be continuous.

Further details about addiction recovery in Alberta, including how services can be accessed, can be found online.

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