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Skier dies in avalanche on Cathedral Mountain near Lake Louise

A skier died in an avalanche on Cathedral Mountain just west of Lake Louise, Alta., on Friday, Avalanche Canada says.

In a report posted to its website, the organization said the fatal incident happened when a solo skier went off the mountain onto a slope known as Cathedral Glades. 

The victim was not reported missing until late Monday. A transceiver was found switched off in a backpack.

“The victim was located from the air because a ski was visible,” the report said.

“Once landed, the rescuers found the victim was partially buried, with a boot also visible on the snow surface.”

The location in a black pin shows where the accident happened.
The location in a black pin shows where the incident happened. (Avalanche Canada)

According to Avalanche Canada, the skier triggered a size 2.5 avalanche. 

The organization classifies avalanches by destructive potential, ranging from size one, which are small, to size five — the largest known slides.

CBC News has reached out to Parks Canada and Avalanche Canada for comment.

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