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Snow falls on Calgary, keeping hope alive for a white Christmas

Like a tying goal in the late stages of the third period, snow fell on Calgary early Saturday morning, raising the chances of a white Christmas dramatically.

The amount varied, but a City of Calgary media release issued early Saturday described it as  “light snow”, topping out at somewhere below five centimetres.

“Snow began accumulating early this morning, and crews are now plowing through lanes and applying material to the road,” it said.

“Watch for trouble spots, such as hills, bridge decks and intersections. Calgarians are reminded to adjust to winter conditions.”

For those who love a white Christmas, the forecast for the weekend doesn’t offer much hope. It’s forecast to be sunny and windy Saturday, with dry conditions expected through Monday.

The city’s X feed reported several incidents Saturday morning, including one involving a pedestrian on southbound 14th Street at Cromwell Ave NW around 8:30 a.m. and another on eastbound 32nd Ave at Deerfoot Trail N.E. around 9:15 a.m.

The last-minute snowfall comes as cities across Canada, including Winnipeg, the global epicentre of winter, face the prospect of a Christmas without snow.

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