Stampeders find Another Brick in the Wall

It looks like the Calgary Stampeders have found themselves a good one in defensive back Titus Wall.

The 23-year-old from Missouri State played a huge role in the Stampeders’ improbable 33-30 comeback overtime win over the Hamilton Tiger Cats on the weekend.

With the Ticats leading 24-3 in the third quarter, Wall had a key interception in the end zone to snuff out a drive.

And then in the fourth quarter, Wall stripped the ball from Hamilton quarterback Dane Evans on a short yardage play and took it back to the house for the touchdown, pulling the Stamps to within seven points.

Wall said it’s a play he knew about and wanted to make.

“I did get a chance to look back at it a couple of times,” he said. 

“It was pretty cool to see because I had mentioned a couple of days ago Jamal Adams did that when he played in New York.  So I saw that and I was like man I gotta do that one day and so next thing you know it happened.  I saw the opportunity.”


Because of injuries, Wall has been moved around in the secondary.  Wherever he plays, it’s quite apparent he loves to make big plays and Stamps coach Dave Dickenson said that’s what it’s all about.

“Obviously you know I think there’s room for improvement but you’re right, when the ball is there he goes and gets it,” Dickenson said.

“Whether you’re on offence, defence or special teams it’s all about the ball and that play that he took back for the touchdown was an amazing play,” he added. “It was really the play that gave us a chance to win.”


Titus isn’t the first Wall to suit up for the Stampeders:  Jamar Wall also played here for nine seasons.

The two are not related but Titus said he has met Jamar and would love to follow in his footsteps.

“I don’t really know too much but when I saw him I said what’s up cousin like if you know we had a relationship with each other,” Titus said.

“He’s a cool guy, a real stand up guy and I took a lot of knowledge from him when I got to talk to him so I like him.”


When you think of a football player you think of crashing and banging and the musical instrument might be the drums or electric guitar.

Not for Wall, who says he prefers to play classical music.

“I played cello back in the seventh grade, that’s when I started,” he said.

“My mom, she used to play cello back in her days so that made me want to try it out and I ended up falling in love with the instrument.

“I love music,” he added. “It tends to relax me.  If I’m able to create music and play it myself that helps even more so I like to do that a lot.”

Obviously it seems to be working for Wall. 

Up next for the Stamps, they’re at home to the Edmonton Elks on Saturday night.

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