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Westerly flow will offer reprieve in wildfire smoke

Calgarians woke up to freshly watered lawns after light rain fell overnight.

Showers will continue in southern Alberta in the morning Tuesday and there is a chance non-severe thunderstorms will develop in southeastern Alberta throughout the day.

A smaller low pressure system sitting in southern Alberta and Saskatchewan will continue to push back against smoke from northern Alberta and B.C. Tuesday – as such the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) for Calgary is expected to remain around a 3, or low risk.

Convective activity is possible in northern Alberta on Tuesday – an area which is already too dry and vulnerable to wildfire risk.

The fire danger relative index – a relative evaluation assessing how easy it would be for a wildfire to start, how difficult it would be to extinguish a wildfire and the amount of damage a wildfire might do – was showing very high and extreme ratings in northern and central Alberta on Tuesday morning.

The recent rain in through southern Alberta has most of that area between a low to moderate risk.

Daytime highs will remain slightly warmer than average until the start of the long weekend. A pattern shift will produce cooler than average temperatures on both sides of the diurnal cycle for Friday through Sunday with off and on rain possible.

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