Woman and pets followed by ‘curious’ cougar in southern Alberta

A Bragg Creek, Alta., woman was was surprised to learn a cougar had its eyes on her and her pets after coming home from an errand.

Teri Fullerton parked outside of her home west of Calgary, with her Australian shepherd Bisket and her cat Roobin following close behind. After closing the door to her house behind her, she was shocked.

“[I] turned around and the cat was staring at me through my kitchen window …  it was a pretty exhilarating experience to see that,” said Fullerton on the Calgary Eyeopener Tuesday.

“It was very healthy, very big and beautiful and just staring at me in the window.”

The cougar that hung out on Teri Fullerton’s patio ran off after her husband’s car drove into the driveway, she says. (Photo by Teri Fullerton )

Fullerton said she is used to encountering wildlife on her property as they live in a wildlife corridor. She said they keep game cameras on their property and have seen a cougar on camera before.

“I know there’s at least two or three cats that live in a close vicinity of of our house,” she said.

“But to see it right in front of my face was a completely different story.”

Fullerton said the cat eventually got up and left when it heard her husband’s car in the driveway.

Since the cat encounter, Fullerton said she’s been a bit more wary of opening her door but she believes the cat was “just curious.”

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