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Alberta allocating $10M to support working Albertans with disabilities, workplace inclusivity

Alberta is spending $10 million on making employment more accessible for residents with disabilities.

Alberta’s minister of seniors community and social services, Jason Nixon, announced the funding Thursday morning in downtown Edmonton.

Among those who took part in the media event were representatives from the Alberta Employment First Network and Gateway Association, who said the potential of Albertans with disabilities is overlooked because of stereotypes and misconceptions.

“A lot of the misconceptions come around accommodations and I think that tends to be the biggest barrier,” said Mike Wing, a disability advocate and Gateway Association board member. “But also when it comes to inclusive education and inclusive recruitment, a lot of recruitment practices want you to have a four-year degree or an eight-year degree. And for a lot of people with disabilities, the reality is that we don’t have an eight-year degree and we don’t have the financial or other abilities to get that education.”

Gateway Association, which received $1.1 million, was one of 10 agencies to receive a part of the government support.

All recipients, Nixon said, are doing work that either directly supports Albertans with disabilities or “projects and pilot programs that will help educate employers and promote inclusive hiring practices.”

Here is a full breakdown of the funding allocation:

Gateway Association


Prospect Human Services




Centre for Newcomers


WCG Services


Calgary Catholic Immigration Society


Goodwill Opportunity Accelerator Program


Goodwill Industries

$1 million



Inclusion Foothills Association


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