Alberta reports 4,740 new cases of COVID-19 over 3 days as province launches $100 vaccine incentive

Alberta reported 4,740 new cases of COVID-19 and 18 new deaths as the province released three days of data on Monday.

The new cases were detected from Friday to Sunday:

  • Sept 10: 1,659 new cases (14,574 tests, 11.60 per cent positivity)
  • Sept 11: 1,497 new cases (12,182 tests, 12.17 per cent positivity)
  • Sept 12: 1,584 new cases (13,332 tests, 12.01 per cent positivity)

The 18 new deaths brings the province’s total to 2,462.

Alberta continues to see a rise in COVID-19 hospitalizations and ICU admissions. There are now 803 people in hospital with COVID-19, an increase of 117 from the last update on Friday.

About 78 per cent of those currently in hospital are either unvaccinated or only partially vaccinated against COVID-19. 

Alberta Health lists 198 people being treated in intensive care beds, the highest number the province has experienced.

Alberta Health Services’ (AHS) data differs slightly, listing 202 ICU patients.

The number of patients can change hour-by-hour, so the exact number can vary depending on when it is taken. The Alberta Health site states its data is up-to-date as of end of day September 12.

The province’s previous peak was in May when there were 182 COVID-19 patients being treated in ICU. 

Earlier Monday, AHS announced it would be postponing all day surgeries in the Edmonton health zone, to help free up resources to care for patients with COVID-19. 

Active cases are now up to 18,395  across the province. Here’s how active cases break down regionally:

  • Edmonton zone: 5,357
  • Calgary zone: 5,226
  • North zone: 3,199
  • Central zone: 2,751
  • South zone: 1,802
  • Unknown: 60

The province announced Monday that eligible Albertans can now register to get a $100 debit card for receiving a first or second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. The incentive program was announced earlier this month and will apply to anyone 18 or older who gets a first or second dose between Sept. 3 and Oct. 14.

Currently, about 79.2 per cent of the province’s eligible population has had at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, while 71.2 per cent have had both doses. About 60.5 per cent of Alberta’s total population has had both shots. There are 781,254 eligible Albertans who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19.

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