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Banff wins case against rooming house packed with more than 40 beds

The Town of Banff has won a court case against the owner of a problem property that was shut down by Alberta Health Services in 2022.

The home, located at 321 Squirrel Street, was being used as a rooming house, but a visit from health inspectors discovered the number of people living there was almost three times the maximum occupancy allowed.

In addition to the excessive amount of bedrooms, inspectors also found holes in walls, leaking and dirty faucets and a room in the basement, which was also used as a bedroom, that didn’t have a window.

The court fined the home’s owner $1,750 for doing development without a permit.

The town’s development manager says Banff needs new housing, but that shouldn’t come at the expense of safety and well-being of residents.

“In this case, a development permit was not obtained for development in a residential property, preventing any oversight of the conditions and requirements for dwellings,” said Dave Michaels in a statement to CTV News on Wednesday.

“We are glad this case is resolved and the Town can continue focusing on ways to stimulate additional safe and affordable housing for our community.”

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