Chrome not Khrome: Threats, negative reviews sent to wrong business after underground party

EDMONTON — An Edmonton salon and spa owner is trying to distance his business from that of another similarly-named business that hosted a large party last weekend.

William Halabi owns Chrome Spa Salon. The business that hosted the party is named Khrome Beauty Lounge.

“We had several negative reviews, we had phone calls, we had people from all over the country messaging and saying how awful it was that we were doing this,” he told CTV News Edmonton. “And we weren’t doing anything. We have no affiliation with that company whatsoever.”

Police broke up a party at Khrome Beauty Lounge in Edmonton’s southeast Ellerslie community early Sunday morning.

An officer on scene estimated up to 200 people were at the event, with many fleeing before police could get their information.

Underground partyAn AHS spokesperson confirmed it received several complaints about Khrome and said it’s “working with Edmonton Police Service on next steps.”

“I love a good party but at the same time at what cost?” Halabi asked. “I am not interested in anything that’s going to damage or hurt my community.”

Like many small businesses through the pandemic, Chrome Spa Salon in the Oliver community has been struggling. Halabi said he’s lost revenue and has had to cut his staff in half.

“What does it send to other business owners that have lost their businesses? That are $100,000 behind? Have suffered emotional and mental stress because of the restrictions and because of the closures?” Halabi asked.

“Then you have another company having a party. What kind of message does that send to the people of Edmonton and the province when nothing’s done about these kinds of things?”

The local entrepreneur is hopeful the mistaken backlash will soon be “just be a bad memory.”

“I understand the public are outraged and they’re upset,” he said. ‘It’s unfortunate that they’re directing their anger onto me and my business as opposed to where it really should be directed to.”

With files from CTV News Edmonton’s Amanda Anderson

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