City of Edmonton kicks off Black History Month with event at City Hall

The City of Edmonton and the National Black Coalition of Canada (NBCC) celebrated the beginning of Black History Month with live performances and music at City Hall.

“Ours To Share” is this year’s national theme for Black History Month.

“This year we want to focus on what’s going on in the present. We want to focus on systemic racism,” said Nigel Williams of NBCC. “We want to focus on the issues we’re dealing with right now in our governments, in our banks, in our health-care system and how it’s affecting us just as we go from day to day.”

Williams wishes to see more growth as a community, deepen the connection between communities and to share his cultures and traditions throughout the month.

“We are in an era of inclusion. We are going to stand for who we are, we’re going to stand strong in our culture, and we’re also going to be accepting of others and their beliefs and their thoughts,” said Williams.

Some of the events being held in Edmonton include Feed the Soul YEG where you can enjoy a week-long culinary experience from Black-owned restaurants starting Feb. 10 to Feb. 17; a free Mental Health Workshop to help combat stigma in the Black community on Feb. 11; and an African-Caribbean Family Day celebration with live performances, a fashion show and family fun on Feb. 20.

For more information regarding events around the city, click here. For more resources regarding Black History Month or to donate, visit the National Black Coalition of Canada website

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