Cyclist community calls for changes to 101 Avenue streetscape

A group of cyclists are calling on the city to amend a proposed intersection redesign south of the river valley.

The Edmonton Bike Coalition held the protest Saturday at 75 Street and 101 Avenue. Earlier this year, the city released a new vision for 101 Avenue that cyclists would like to see changed.

According to the new design, Conrad Nobert, an organizer with the bike coalition, says the city will create a separated bike lane right until the actual intersection with 75 Street.

At that point, slip lanes allow vehicles to turn right without having to stop at a red light, and the separated bicycle path becomes a painted lane.

“The city has proposed a dangerous design for this intersection,” Nobert said. “It has protected bike lanes along its length except for the most dangerous part and the part of that avenue that needed to be changed the most for people on bikes and people rolling and wheeling.”

“So it’s really dangerous when the cars cross that bike lane with the intersection design promoting speed (for motorists),” he added.

Nobert said the avenue is a popular corridor for bicyclists going to enjoy the river valley.

“The paradigm shouldn’t be that you put your bike on a car and drive to the river valley and then take it off and ride it around,” he added. “It should be a connection to the river valley for families and people of all ages and abilities.

“So we’re asking for a protective bike lane along this entire avenue in order to connect families to one of the best parts of Edmonton’s river valley.”

The 101 Avenue Streetscape remains in the conceptual planning phase, with construction not currently funded. The city does not have a timeline for construction to start.

CTV News Edmonton reached out to Ashley Salvador, Ward Métis councillor, for comment. 

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