Edmonton police charge man with firearms trafficking

Edmonton police have charged a 34-year-old man from Gunn, Alta., with firearms trafficking.

In February 2019, southwest division patrol members found a handgun at the scene of a carjacking incident, police said Wednesday in a news release.

The serial number had been removed but the RCMP National Forensic Laboratory Services was able to restore it and determine who owned the gun.

Investigators believe that between 2018 and 2020 the suspect “straw purchased” guns, meaning he bought firearms with a valid licence for the purpose of selling them to others who cannot legally purchase firearms.

The accused has been charged with firearm trafficking, firearms possession for the purpose of trafficking and altering, defacing or removing a serial number. 

The charges are related to three handguns registered to the man.

Police believe the accused trafficked more firearms and are seeking information on the whereabouts of any other guns he sold. 

Gunn is 70 kilometres northwest of Edmonton.

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