Edmonton rally showcases impact war in Ukraine has on children

A Sunday rally at Churchill Square highlighted the increasing toll the war in Ukraine is taking on children and youth.

Attendees were asked to bring shoes, toys, and empty strollers to be laid around the word children, written in Ukrainian, as it was outside a theatre in Mariupol that was bombed by Russian forces.

Some of the items were painted with red spots to symbolize the spilled blood of innocent children caught in the crossfires of the conflict.

“Today we will be actually talking about the kids of Ukraine that died in Mariupol and other cities,” said Roman Bukatiuk, an organizer.

“We want Canada and the Edmonton community to know that the war still lasts in Ukraine and people still die,” he added. “This war concerns not only Ukraine but the whole world.”

Bukatiuk said that children represent the “best thing” the world has to offer. As the fighting continues, he says children are being denied the opportunity to live their dreams.

“Children can bring a lot of happiness to people,” Bukatiuk said. “Children can become anybody. They can become sportsmen, actors, can become world leaders.”

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