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Edmonton woman asks for action on problem intersection in south Edmonton

An Edmonton woman is calling attention to what she says is a dangerous intersection in her community.

Michelle Lee lives near Rabbit Hill Road in Ambleside. She was driving home Thursday when she was hit by a car turning left onto Windermere Boulevard.

Dash cam footage shows Lee heading straight through a green light when an SUV turns right into her path.

She said her accident was one of several in recent weeks, something she attributes to poor visibility caused by inclines on either side of the intersection.

“By the time we both saw each other, we were both spinning out. She definitely hit another vehicle and the next thing I knew, I was getting pulled out of the car and emergency services were on the way,” Lee said.

Lee, who lives just a few minutes away from the intersection, said she and her community are frustrated by the number of accidents and they want something done.

“It’s just an ongoing issue where people can’t see the other side of the road when people are coming down Rabbit Hill Road, and you can’t see when people are trying to turn at that intersection,” she added. “Like there’s absolutely no control there.”

Lee said she would like to see the intersection controlled with an isolated left turning signal.

Tim Cartmell, Ward pihêsiwin councillor, said he “wouldn’t mind” seeing the intersection changes to be more controlled – especially during peak hours.

Cartmell said he’s gotten several complaints from area residents regarding the intersection. However, because the intersection is connected to Anthony Henday Drive, the city can’t do anything except pass those complaints along.

“That traffic light is managed by the province of Alberta,” Cartmell said. “So when we’ve received those complaints and concerns, we’ve conveyed them to the province.

“I have not heard anything lately and have not heard anything in several months about that particular intersection.”

CTV News Edmonton reached out to the province but did not hear back before publication. 

With files from CTV News Edmonton’s Marek Tkach

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