Firefighters put out 15 fires in Edmonton river valley

EDMONTON — Firefighters responded to several fires in the river valley area on Friday.

Starting at around 11 a.m., Edmonton Fire Rescue Services received calls reporting multiple fires in the river valley.

The last fire was put out after 2 p.m.

Fire officials confirmed to CTV News Edmonton they responded to the following fires:

  • Six fires throughout Dawson Park
  • Three fires south of the Low Level Bridge
  • One fire at the Edmonton Queen dock
  • One fire north of the Low Level Bridge
  • One fire west of the James MacDonald Bridge
  • One fire at the top of McDougall Hill
  • One fire at the bottom of McDougall Hill
  • One fire in the courtyard east of the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald

Rob Garth, district fire chief, told CTV News Edmonton it does not take much to start a fire when the weather is dry.

“If the conditions were worse it would make it a lot harder,” he said. “Any little spark can start a big fire.”

At least five crews responded to fires near Dawson Park and on Jasper Avenue, Edmonton Fire Rescue Services told CTV News Edmonton. Two crews were at the courtyard fire.

CTV News Edmonton has contacted Edmonton police for details as their investigation continues.

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