Float-plane crash near Edmonton that killed 3 caused by aerodynamic stall, TSB says

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada says an amateur-built float plane went into an aerdynamic stall while making a turn south of Edmonton last summer before crashing and killing all three people on board.

The Murphy Moose four-seat aircraft, which has wheels that extend from its floats, was being used for training in July and carried a licensed pilot, a trainee and a passenger.

It had touched down briefly on Cooking Lake before continuing to the southwest.

The safety board says the aircraft went into a spin after it stalled and crashed into pastureland near the hamlet of Rolly View, 12 kilometres east of the Edmonton International Airport.

The plane was destroyed.

The investigation wasn’t able to determine which pilot was at the controls at the time.

The board says steep turns increase the risk of an aerodynamic stall, and when they are made close to the ground, the chances of successfully recovering from a stall decrease.

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