Local bakery helps ring in the new year with baking humour

EDMONTON — The Milk and Cookies Bakeshop on Edmonton‘s southside has created a few new cookie designs that they felt best represented 2020.

“So we have some fun New Year’s cookies, because it’s been such a disaster of a year. We did some dumpster fires, and then we did some COVID molecules with little party hats on them,” laughed bakery owner Rachelle Germain.

“We just decided to have a little bit of fun with our new year’s cookies this year, because I feel like everybody needs that.”

The cookies ended up being a bigger hit than she could have guessed. The store sold out all eight dozen batches in a half hour Wednesday morning.

“Today, we made about 20 dozen, I stayed late last night so make extra, so hopefully they last a little longer,” Germain explained.

Though the chance of the cookies lasting much longer didn’t seem likely as there was already a lineup of nearly 50 people outside the bakery before it opened.

The owner feels poking fun, having a laugh, and having a cookie is the best way to move of from the difficult year.

“We need to just embrace it and because we know it might not get better for a while still, we need to just have some humor about it.”

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