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‘Not a huge ask’: Canadian Blood Services in need of donations this weekend

Edmontonians are being asked to give blood this weekend, if they can.

The Canadian Blood Services (CBA) says the latest inventory of blood is “concerning,” with around 1,300 appointments needing to be filled to meet the need for the rest of July.

“The number of open appointments is definitely concerning, and what we’re seeing actually [is] a change in the donor behaviour over the summer months,” said Gayle Voyer of the CBA.

Voyer said there are fewer donors now than there were pre-pandemic, and the change in routine that comes with summer can also disrupt regular donations.

“If you’re eligible, if you could please book into your next appointment,” she asked. “And if you’re new to donating, I would consider asking you to donate for the first time this summer, and potentially bring a friend.

“Because it’s always fun to do something new with a friend.”

The blood types highest in demand are O-negative and O-positive, A-negative and A-positive, as well as B-negative.

“Car crash victims can use up to 80 units of blood, that’s 80 people donating,” Voyer said, adding that blood is also needed for surgeries and cancer treatments.

People with immunodeficiency, autoimmune or neurological disorders also rely on blood, platelet and plasma donations every day.

Voyer said it takes around an hour to donate, and donors are asked to give just three or four times per year.

“It’s not a huge ask,” she added. “Those patients need you to help save their lives and just help support them in whatever treatment they may be going through.”

People eligible to donate blood can book here or by calling 1-888-236-6282.  

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