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RCMP can improve on safety, accountability when driving, report on Alberta death finds


An inquiry report into the 2016 death of a pedestrian struck twice on a northern Alberta highway, including by an RCMP officer, has made six recommendations to prevent similar tragedies.

The report says 41-year-old Tracey Janvier was first struck by a vehicle when walking on an unlit part of a highway near the hamlet of Janvier, south of Fort McMurray.

He was struck again shortly after by an RCMP truck driven by Const. Michelle Phillips, who was responding to the scene.

At a trial in 2019, Phillips was found not guilty of dangerous driving causing death.

A judge ruled there was doubt over whether Phillips contributed to Janvier’s death.

Justice Stephanie Cleary recommends in her inquiry report that the RCMP develop a process for evaluating deaths from police vehicle collisions to determine if training changes should be made.

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