Volunteers raise funds to send Ramadan baskets to those in need

Volunteers at local grocery stores and schools are collecting donations to support the Ramadan Basket effort.

Created in 2016, Ramadan Basket helps raise money to create baskets full of food and essentials to help families in need throughout Ramadan.

Mouhamad Tarbine, an organizer, told CTV News Edmonton that baskets will be distributed in Afghanistan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Somali, Yemen, Niger, and Palestine by charity partner Islamic Relief Canada this year, which has teams on the ground in all those nations.

“The idea of Ramadan Basket is for us to share our blessings that we have here in Canada with the needy family abroad, so in countries that are poor and they don’t have much to put on the table,” Tarbine said.

Each basket costs $60 and has enough food to support a family of four for the month.

“For us, $60 is not much, but for them, it means the world. It changes quite a bit for them for the whole month,” he added. “The need is beyond imagination.”

Since the campaign started, Tarbine said more than 16,000 families had been fed. He expects this year the project will exceed its record of 7,600 baskets sold, set last year.

“It’s a great community here in Edmonton,” he said. “The month of Ramadan is a month of giving for us.

“They always come through with their generosity and their donations.”

For information and to donate, visit Ramadan Basket’s website

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