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‘We’re a community’: Way of the Cross walk brings together hundreds for reflection on Good Friday

A few hundred people marched through Edmonton’s downtown on Good Friday.

The 44th annual Outdoor Way of the Cross marked the suffering and death of Jesus Christ while raising awareness for Edmonton’s most vulnerable citizens.

“The idea of the way of the cross is to take the gospel, the good news of God, out into the streets of the city where people really struggle, where people really hurt,” said Jim Gurnett of the Edmonton Coalition on Housing and Homelessness.

“So it’s very important to do this, not inside the walls of the quiet of the church, but out where people live.”

Followers sang while they walked behind a cross bearer on a 1.5-kilometre loop from the Hope Mission.

At eight stops along the way, community leaders shared reflections on top-of-mind issues like war, housing, poverty and the environment.

The event was open to people of all religions, and Gurnett said the high turnout shows just how many people care and want to help.

“The struggles of many people in the world matter to the rest of us,” he said. “We all live together, we’re a community, we’re connected to each other … and coming out onto the streets gives us a chance to say we want to be part of building a better world.”

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