Newfoundland and Labrador wraps cautious election campaign

Newfoundland and Labrador’s party leaders have said this Thursday’s election is about leadership but recently published surveys show a high number of undecided voters and lack of enthusiasm for any leader.

The polls are also predicting a close race between the governing Liberals and Progressive Conservatives.

Liberal Premier Dwight Ball is facing frustrated voters and a province in rough shape with an aging population, poor economic outlook and poor health indicators.

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The province could be the latest to swing to the right in a wave of provincial elections that have ousted Liberal and NDP governments.

Retired political science professor Stephen Tomblin says it’s a close call because the dull campaign has lacked serious discussion about the various crises Newfoundland and Labrador is facing.

He said the effectiveness of Ball’s rival, Progressive Conservative Leader Ches Crosbie, has also been hard to gauge because Crosbie has avoided talking about his policy plans.