Semi-auto Glock 23 and drugs found after foot chase in downtown Hamilton: police

A traffic stop in downtown Hamilton turned into a foot chase and police say the suspects were armed with a hand gun.

Officers say they spotted a grey BMW travelling west on Barton Street at noon on Tuesday.

They realized the vehicle plate was registered to a resident outside of Hamilton and the people in the car didn’t match the registered owner’s age or description.

After pulling over the vehicle at King Street East and Wellington Street South, police say the 20-year-old driver from Dundas admitted he was using a G1 licence.

As police checked if the 22-year-old passenger had the proper licence to accompany the G1 driver, the passenger got out of the car and sprinted toward Wellington Street North. 

Officers say the man tried reaching into his waistband several times before he was taken down and arrested.

After searching the suspect, police found a loaded, semi-automatic Glock 23 handgun hidden in his waistband along with ammo, drugs and cash.

The drugs include roughly 54 grams of fentanyl and smaller amounts of marijuana, cocaine and narcotics.

By then, the G1 driver was already under arrest for driving a vehicle with cannabis readily available.

The 22-year-old passenger faces 11 charges including carrying concealed weapon while the 20-year-old driver from Dundas faces five charges including possession of cocaine with the intent to sell.