Businesses, families adjust to lockdown measures

OTTAWA — The New Year is bringing another big change to Little Victories Coffee Roasters in the Glebe.

Its storefront and shipping container café that had been used for takeout is now closed until the spring. 

“The store up front is so small that, really, the best way to continue operating was the container and with the lockdown and with the weather it just didn’t make sense,” said co-founder Andrew Bassett. 

Bassett says the focus has once again shifted to fulfilling online orders with free local delivery. 

“It’s definitely challenging not having a café open,” Bassett said. “We also have another café in the downtown core of Ottawa that’s never been open because of COVID. So, we’re fortunate that we do have the business that we do for sure.”

Ottawa Public Health (OPH) says more people in the city are testing positive for COVID-19, there are more hospitalizations and more outbreaks. 

“This trend in cases is concerning because this means we are at risk of overburdening our health care system once again,” OPH said in a statement. 

The New Year also marks a return to virtual learning for students across Ontario. 

“I don’t really like it because I’d rather be at school seeing all my friends and actually focus more than at home,” said Makayla Webb. 

Online learning is set to continue until next week for elementary school students and the week of January 25th for secondary school students. 

“I’m hopeful that despite everything that they will be able to open up the schools next week and we can go back and just deal with things on a case-by-case basis,” said mother Angie Webb.  

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