Clarence-Rockland residents prep for potential flooding

Residents living in Cumberland and Clarence-Rockland are taking precautionary measures, filling sandbags and preparing for the potential of flooding along the Ottawa River.

Manon Lavergne is doing her best to ensure her home does not fall victim to rising flood waters.

“We’re bypassing one of our underground sump pump pipes,” she said. “It actually helps when you’re not at home, at work and one of your neighbours, a nice neighbour, can look to see if your sump pump is functioning.”

Lavergne lives in Clarence-Rockland, steps away from the Ottawa River. The snowmelt has led to an increase in water levels and a flood warning. Now preparation is key.

“We live in a flood plain and we know there is a potential hazard that can come every year,” said Lavergne. 

Along the eastern Ottawa River, levels are slowly approaching major flood thresholds. In Cumberland, the water was at least 5 inches above ground on Saturday.

Boise Lane is completely flooded. It’s a sight Madhu Bhatt hopes he doesn’t see on his street.

“If the water goes higher in the river, the water will be on the road,” said the Clarence-Rockland resident.

After the 2019 floods, Bhatt installed several sump pumps. He remains cautiously optimistic despite the rising water levels.

“It was quite an experience but this one here hopefully we can sail through in another two to three weeks to come. We have all the precautions as far as the sump pumps and generators.”

According to Environment Canada, the Clarence-Rockland area is expected to see 10-20 millimetres of rainfall over the next few days. This could affect several streets, lawns and houses in low-lying areas.

“It’s calling for rain tomorrow. I would rather be dry and put all the measures in place and maybe doing a little bit of sandbags to stabilize our infrastructure,” said Lavergne. 

Residents can access containers filled with sandbagging materials at Voisine, Pago and Wilson roads.

While sandbags will not stop the water completely, the city of Clarence-Rockland says it can reduce the amount of water that enters your property. 

The Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board says water levels are expected to stabilize over the weekend, but we could see an increase in levels starting Monday depending on the amount and location of the rainfall. Water levels are currently expected to remain well below historical flood levels on the main stem of the Ottawa River in all locations.

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