Cracked windshield a cautionary tale of dangers of ice left on vehicles

Ontario Provincial Police are reminding the public to clear ice and snow off of their vehicles before getting on the road, as the consequences of not doing so can be serious.

Police tweeted a photo of a car with a damaged windshield, which they said was caused by a chunk of ice flying off another vehicle on Highway 401 near Napanee.  

“Thankfully, no injuries were sustained after a chunk of ice from another vehicle struck the front windshield of this vehicle,” police said. “The OPP is reminding everyone how important it is to remove the snow and ice from your vehicle.”

Drivers who do not clear snow and ice off their vehicles are subject to fines in Ontario.

Ice flying off vehicles can cause serious injuries. A driver on Highway 417 suffered serious injuries in 2021 when a piece of ice crashed through her windshield.

A similar story happened in early 2022 on Highway 148 in Quebec. In that case, police believe the driver of the other vehicle was unaware ice from their vehicle had struck someone.

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