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Driver facing stunt driving charge after going 151 km/h in Hwy. 174 construction zone

Ottawa police are reminding drivers to slow down on city roads after one driver was observed going 71 km/h over the speed limit in a construction zone on Hwy. 174 and another driver was going 59 km/h over the limit on Bronson Avenue.

Police say officers observed a driver going 129 km/h on Bronson Avenue, where the speed limit is 70 km/h.

“Bronson Avenue may lead to the airport but it isn’t officially designated as a runway,” the Ottawa police Traffic Unit said on Twitter.

“If you’re caught doing 129 in the 70km/h zone, the only thing ‘taking off’ will be your vehicle from the road.”

Two drivers are also facing stunt driving charges after being observed speeding in the construction zone on Highway 174.

One driver was observed going 151 km/h, while the second driver was going 133 km/h in the 80 km/h zone, according to police.

“When it comes to construction zones, OPS Traffic officers take workers’ safety very seriously.”

The charge of stunt driving includes a 30-day license suspension and the vehicle is impounded for 14 days.

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