Funnel cloud spotted in Kinburn/Carp area of Ottawa Saturday evening, Environment Canada says

OTTAWA — Environment Canada ended a weather advisory for Ottawa Saturday evening after a funnel cloud was spotted in the west end.

The weather agency said a funnel cloud was spotted in the area of Kinburn/Carp at 8:08 p.m. The agency added funnel clouds were possible in the Ottawa area.

“These types of funnel clouds are generated by weak rotation under rapidly growing clouds or weak thunderstorms.  This weak rotation is normally not a danger near the ground. However, there is a chance that this rotation could intensify and become a weak landspout tornado,” said Environment Canada.

Landspout tornadoes do not usually cause significant damage, but can be strong enough to topple trees and damage roofs.

The weather advisory warning funnel clouds were possible in Ottawa ended just before 9 p.m., with Environment Canada saying, “The conditions prompting this advisory have improved.”

The radar showed a weather system moving across the western part of Ottawa between 8 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

The forecast calls for a chance of showers or thunderstorms Saturday evening. A low of 18 C.

Sunday will be mainly cloudy with a 60 per cent chance of showers late in the afternoon with the risk of a thunderstorm.

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