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New Ottawa Senators owner discusses the importance of community engagement

The Ottawa Senators new owner is ushering in a new era for the team. Michael Andlauer connecting with both fans and the business community as he hits the ground running in his new role.

Andlauer spoke in front of hundreds of people Thursday afternoon at a real estate conference in a one-on-one sit down interview with CTV News Ottawa’s Graham Richardson. 

“So I think it was June 13 or so that I was advised by the seller that I was the successful bidder,” Andlauer said.

He also spoke Thursday morning at a standing room only Mayor’s Breakfast at Ottawa City Hall.

“I want to make sure that what we’re doing is the right thing five years, 10 years, 15 years from now.”

In both appearances, Andlauer talked about reconnecting with fans.

“What drives the Ottawa Senators are the fans. Everything we do in my business, everything I do is for the customer.”

He also said there is alignment on moving the team downtown.

“I’ve spoken with the Mayor (Mark Sutcliffe). I’ve spoken with the NCC. The important part is where the fans want to be as far as I’m concerned.”

Andlauer also says boosting the Senators Foundation and charity footprint in the city is a major part of owning the team.

“Being part of the community and I mean, that’s part of the passion. We’re more than just a hockey team, as you know. It’s what we do for the community. So it’s for me, it’s understanding what the needs are, what our fans need, what the citizens want and be part of it.”

Andlauer and his wife are spending a lot of time in Ottawa, renting a home in the west end. Making connections, he says, are critical to the success of the team.

As well as reconnecting and hiring the most popular Senator of all time, Daniel Alfredsson.

“I got to know that man, as a family man, who’s raising his four children in Ottawa, whose part of the community, a man who’s well respected everywhere he goes. There is a huge humility about him. But if there’s incredible competitive fire.”

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