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One day at a time: Tips for keeping your 2024 New Year’s resolutions

It’s nearly one week into 2024 and that means it’s time for an early check in on those New Year’s resolutions.

Many people set out to make life changes or achieve new goals in January, but the hard part is sticking with it.

According to Forbes Health, the most popular resolutions this year are improving fitness, finances and mental health.

For Stephanie Bishop, her focus is on fitness.

“I’m trying to be consistent. Getting up at the same time every morning, getting to the gym in the morning and trying to keep my food on track,” said Bishop.

Bishop says she’s trying hard to stick to her goals this year.

“Meal prepping every Sunday and doing the gym every morning at 6 a.m.,” she said.

Fitness is a popular opinion for those focused on health going into 2024; the trick is not overwhelming yourself.

“The biggest thing is try to find something that interests you,” said Michelle Sciarra, a trainer and owner of FFD Fitness. “Find somewhere to go where you feel safe and comfortable. You want fitness to become a habit and not necessarily something that you do to lose weight.”

Sometimes the pressure of a new goal can be a turn off.

Other popular resolutions include improving mental health, finances and cutting back on alcohol. One Ottawa-based business has launched products for just that.

Knoyta Drinks is the only non-alcohol bottle shop in downtown Ottawa that focuses on beer, wine, and spirits without the buzz.

“The old way of doing it was just cutting cold turkey and not finding a lot of alternative options, but now as the options are getting better we have non-alcoholic beers and non-alcoholic wines,” said Benson Mutalemwa, the owner of Knoyta Drinks.

For anyone looking to cut back, the key is taking it one day at a time.

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