Ottawa company delivers help to businesses with same-day drop-off

OTTAWA — Online sales continue to boom as more businesses move online in order to adapt for life in a pandemic.

Now, one local company is delivering help, providing same-day drop-off at a price local shops can afford in order to compete with major market players. 

For the purveyor of all things gourmandize, artisanal grocer Jacobsons offers a wide variety of local sourced and imported, fine foods teas and treats. 

The quaint shop on Beechwood Avenue also has an impressive selection of cheeses from around the world. With so many delectable choices, general manager Sarah Wenglensky-Suggit says many patrons have joined their cheese-of-the-month club. The package is delivered to your doorstep, the first Thursday of every month. 

“We take great care in preparing our cheese,” says Wenglensky-Suggit. “We really need to make sure that it arrives to every guest the same way it would be as if they walked in the store.”

Jacobsons high standard paired well with local delivery company Trexity

“They also offer a wonderful bundling service that makes it quite affordable.”

Trexity CEO and co-founder Alok Ahuja says their rapid delivery service integrates easily with Shopify and other e-stores, giving businesses the option of same-day delivery at checkout, which customers and vendors, can track in real-time. 

“We have an incredible team and we’re all very passionate about helping our local businesses,” says Ahuja. “I wanted to empower them to not only beat Amazon but offer that same level of service to their customers that I know they can do.”

Demand for online retail is skyrocketing and in order for many local companies to compete with major e-commerce platforms, day-of delivery is essential, but those costs can cut into their bottom line. 

Overflow Brewing Company on Kaladar Avenue, made the switch to Trexity after researching delivery providers. Some services, charge as much as 30 per cent of each sale. Trexity fees are based on time and distance, what they call “honest delivery.”

Not only was co-owner Brad Fennell able to provide the “pizza-delivery style, cold beer in your hands within an hour” model they were looking for, they could save money as well. 

“There’s commissions, there’s fees, there’s tips, there’s a lot to it and margins are what they are they’re fairly thin,” says Fennell. “We feel pretty proud of ourselves to be able to do it, and do it as a small as we are, but still compete and be as good if not better than some of the big-box stores.”

Trexity’s seamless integration with their online store made it an obvious choice. Before, beer could take as long two days to reach a customers home. 

Trexity is now providing local shipments for 30 stores in Ottawa and has also expanded to other cities across Canada. 

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