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Ottawa Humane Society takes in 21 kittens from Windsor area

The Ottawa Humane Society (OHS) says it has taken in 21 homeless kittens from the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society.

OHS says the Windsor humane society was at a “capacity crisis” and reached out.

“Our population is also high in Ottawa, but Windsor was running out of options and we wanted to help. We worked out how we could provide the veterinary treatment the kittens need, and find them new homes as soon as we can,” said OHS president and CEO Sharon Miko in a news release Monday.

The Humane Society does not expect it will take long to find homes for the new arrivals, as kittens tend to be adopted quickly.

“Partnership is one of the ways we save more lives,” Miko said. “Taking in these kittens means Windsor will have more capacity for their animals. Thanks to the support of our caring community, we are in a position to provide for these kittens while remaining available for Ottawa’s animals.”

OHS has more than 40 cats available for adoption and it has dropped the adoption fee for cats that are seven years old or older, as older cats are often overlooked.

Anyone looking for a cat is asked to consider adopting a homeless cat from the OHS shelter. Cat owners are to keep their cats indoors unless on a leash and harness or in the safety of an enclosed catio, and to spay and neuter their pets. You can also donate to the Humane Society to support the care that the kittens need.

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