Ottawa Police look to spend $700,000 on new tasers, replacement pistols

OTTAWA — The Ottawa Police Service is looking to spend $632,000 on Tasers, and additional $60,000 to replace aging firearms.

The purchases are outlined in a report for Monday night’s Ottawa Police Services Board meeting.

Under the plan, police want to spend $336,400 on 40 Conducted Energy Weapons (CEWs) to maintain lifestyle management and 30 new casers to equip new officers hired to the force. An additional $296,000 will be spent to purchase “operational and training” cartridges for the Conducted Energy Weapons.

In 2018, the Ottawa Police Services Board approved a three-year plan to deploy CEWs to all sworn members who operate in a frontline capacity. By the end of the year, approximately 960 officers will be equipped and trained.

“The focus this year has been on equipping and training new recruits and managing the lifecycle of the Ottawa Police Service CEW inventory,” says a report for the Ottawa Police Services Board.

“Cartridges are required to maintain operational and training requirements of CEW operators.”

Cops also want to purchase 82 new Glock pistols. 

 The Ottawa Police Service annual budget includes $60,000 for the purchase of 100 Glock pistols for the ever-greening program due to the pandemic and other world events. A report for the board says, “In order to maintain operational needs there is a requirement to place orders for the 2021 allotment of Glock pistols in the 2020 budget to ensure delivery in early 2021.”

Staff note the cost of the Glock pistols has increased to $724 per unit from $600, so the service can only purchase 82 units for the first-ever greening program.

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