Police nab 52 drivers with expired vehicle permits in one day on Ottawa roads

Dozens of Ottawa motorists received a $110 ticket for driving with an expired vehicle permit on city roads this week.

Ottawa police conducted an Automated License Plate Reader enforcement blitz on Wednesday, targeting motorists that don’t have a valid license or have not renewed their license plate.

Officers issued 74 tickets on Wednesday, including 52 to drivers with an expired vehicle permit.

While the Ontario government has eliminated the license plate stickers and the annual renewal fee, vehicle owners must still renew their plates/vehicle registration every one or two years online.

Ottawa police say confusion over the license plate stickers are keeping officers busy pulling over drivers with expired plates.

“At the moment, it’s going off constantly because people aren’t renewing their plates,” Sgt. Rob Cairns said about the automated license plate reader system.

The fine for driving with an expired vehicle permit/plate is $110.

Ottawa police have five cruisers equipped with cameras that scan thousands of vehicles per day for not only expired plates, but also things like stolen vehicles and expired driver’s licences.

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